Theater Camp (Invitation Only)


Welcome to Theater Camp 2021. This is an exclusive program. Please only proceed if you were directed here by email. 

The Camp
Program Overview

Week 1: Lights, Camera, ACTION!!! 

This week is all about ACTION! We've been behind computers and cooped up too long. We will explore physical comedy, stage combat, circus performance, and a study of the greatest action story of all time. STAR WARS. Then for good measure, we will play a live ACTION version of the most popular gaming app today. AMONG US. Be ready for an ACTION packed week. 

Week 2: It's a Renaissance Festival! 

Calling all creatives. Time to put your writings, musical talent, jokes, costume wares, etc. on display. Everyone will learn different performance mediums before settling in on the one that they want to offer at the fair. Campers will study stage combat, set design, costume making, poetry and scene performance. We will put together a Backyard Renaissance Festival, complete with games, food, and prizes. Each student will have a booth to design and offer up their chosen art performance. Then a final ensemble piece will be performed.