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The Most Essential Back To School Items

Wait!!!! How did it come to this already? Technically, there are a few weeks left to be had, and I plan to use every bit of it to love and positively affirm my kids before sending them to be under the influence of their teacher and peers. When school starts, your kids are around their friends more than they are around you, so I find Summer to be the season of training and affirming how wonderful they are. I regularly refer to my son as "handsome", because the world is going to tell him that he is plenty of other things. I tell my daughter that she is strong and powerful, because the world has another word for her opinionated personality. We must pump up our kids. Not in that "you are so amazing that no one can match you" kind of way. I'm not trying to raise a bunch of narcissists. But tell them you are glad they are here, that you enjoy their company, that they are a good friend, that you are pleased with them, etc.

Send them back to school standing a little taller (not because they ate everything in the house and grew 3 inches). But because they have been affirmed by the person who matters most. You! That is the most essential Back To School Tool that you won't find in any store.

A Few Sample Affirmations:

You are loved

You are smart

You are a good friend

You are creative

You are helpful

You are brave

You are funny

You are beautiful inside and out

You are bold

You are resilient

You are an original

I love being your parent

I believe in you

You are important

You matter

You are enough (This is my favorite. You should practice saying this one to yourself)

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