Frequently Asked Questions

Will other heritages be represented?

Absolutely!!! Multiple heritage cultures is what makes this country so rich. We are already developing the span of letters for our Latin American version. 

Why flashcards? Why not a computer program or app?

Two reasons. We want this product to be used regardless of battery power in devices or access to computers. Also, there isn't much benefit in learning to read by screen versus the standard way in print. Since children are inundated daily by images on screens we found greater benefit in them being able to shuffle up the cards, categorize by color, by era, or by their favorites. These are things an app just can't  provide. Plus, you don't OWN your app or ebook. Once that company goes away, so does your data.   

What makes your flashcards different from other heritage books I have seen?


Exactly that. They are flashcards. Although children do have their favorite books they like to read over and over again. That is rarely true with historical books. "Mom, please read me that story about Harriet Tubman again", said no five year old ever. However flashcards let them control the way they learn. The emphasis is less on them learning it all (which is how a book is structured), but more the exposure that the subject exists. So the frequency of the exposure is what matters. If the child wants to build a landing strip for their planes by lining the cards up, that's fine. Because one day when someone tells them they can't be a gymnast because of how they look, they will be able to recall a young black woman with an Olympic medal around her neck, and the letter G. 

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